A quick little paragraph about me. I first got into computers back in 1981 at 7 years old when my father bought us a Timex Sinclair 1000… we all thought it was the coolest thing. Were talking tape drive, b&w tv, 16k memory, and a small thermo printer to top it all off!



In 1987 we upgraded to the Commodore 64, then later to the Amiga 1000, then 2000. This is where I started my first BBS from home (Pre internet for the public) included Usenet/Fido-net. Then the Amiga 3000.

A few years later, it was into the Windows market. I started building and setting up networks for small business’s. I soon got into Linux back in 2002/03, I had to try every distro I could find, and install every piece of software I could. I soon got into the server side of Linux. Of course, I had to set up everything I could at home to try it out. I still to this day use linux at home for all my servers and services.